Two Pianos – Volume II – Marches and Ceremonial Music

[NUNOTE 6] A variety of Marches and Ceremonial Music of Alexander Kaloian in their version for Two Pianos Four and Six Hands

It has been 34 years to the day that I’ve since graduated from the Naval School of Music, top of my class, with a fresh set of orders to report to the Fleet Marine Force, Pacific Band in Peal Harbor, HI. There I would serve for the next 3 1/2 years as Pianist, Composer and Arranger—and they were some of the happiest and most musically filled days of my life. Of the Marches and Ceremonial Music that appear on this disc, only one of them would be composed during that period (District of Columbia) – another (Marche Funèbre) appears on NUNOTE 3 – Piano Four Hands. The remaining music appearing here on NUNOTE 6 has all been created after leaving the Marines, yet they all do bear their mark from these formative Military and Wind Ensemble years of daily music making at the highest level. It was during those years that I worked side by side with the best musicians of the Marine Field Bands, including my Band Officer Capt. William Melvon Clemons—and would also come to be mentored by the lead Composer/Arranger living at that time in the entire US Marine Corps, Tom Knox at the US Marine Band at Marine Barracks, 8th and I, Washington DC.

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Released 9 December, 2016